Learn to speak French confidently in 3 months

We are committed to providing adults and young learners the best French classes online. A trip to France? A dream job in Paris? Or a project to study abroad? Whatever your language learning goals may be, Wordage is ready to guide you with native, qualified French tutors and effective French learning materials.

Why learn with us

Teaching is not our job, it’s our passion

Online classes

Learn French from anywhere in the world, whenever is most convenient for you.

Native, qualified tutors

Our founders hand-picked tutors who are passionate about teaching. While our tutors are fluent in English, they are encouraged to speak in French 50% of the time during the class.

Small group classes

With only 4 students per group class, you get to practice your French through continuous interaction, without sacrificing your own pace and needs.

Well-rounded learning

Online classes often focus on speaking or listening skills alone. Here in Wordage, we believe full fluency is achieved by providing a full, well-rounded experience : we hone your reading and writing skills as well through quizzes and assignments.

The Wordage method

The Wordage method is the fruit of 10 years of research in the domain of language pedagogy. It combines the most effective approaches and techniques in language acquisition with a keen concern for student motivation, values and interests.

Theory-supported lessons

Teaching and creating lessons are two different skills. Our lessons were crafted by qualified researchers in the field who got the theory of learning down to a T. 

The benefits of learning French

Speak up, keep up,

Connecting with people is the one trend that will never fade away.

Expand your network.

More than 300 million people speak French. It is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world and the only one besides English that is spoken in 5 continents.

Generate more opportunities.

In France and French-speaking countries, we find some of the biggest industries : pharmaceutics, cosmetics industries, fashion, food and wine industry. 

Boost your career.

Bilingualism is the new must-have skill : In 2010, there were 240,000 job postings requiring bilingual workers in the US. In 2015, this number rose to 630,000. If you speak French, you can get a bonus amounting to $75,000 over the course of your career.

Got a question ?

Feel free to contact us anytime.

French for young learners

We guide your children in reaching their highest potential.

Learning a new language can help improve their social and mental well-being, all while setting the path for their successful future.

Broaden horizons

Boost overall literacy

Improve confidence

Improve memory

Improve critical thinking

Improve problem-solving skills

Let us guide you in your adventure

Here at Wordage, we will be with you from your first Bonjour,

right up to full fluency.