Our story

Let’s Change How We Look at Language Learning

Language learning has earned a somewhat notorious reputation. We started Wordage in 2021 to help recalibrate this mindset about language learning. Our mission is to help professionals see the learning process not as an obstacle, but a goal. With the right tools, language learning can be fun, rewarding and life-affirming.

The Wordage Method


In the online classroom, learners use the language in authentic and meaningful situations.


Learners are expected to speak in class at least 50% of the time.


Our teachers put emphasis on vocabulary acquisition techniques such as spaced repetition, visual learning, and contextualisation. We teach grammar through an inductive teaching approach to improve both your motivation and rule retention.

3 Rs of Follow-Up

Reach : Your learning begins with a goal setting activity.

Recall : Our lessons come with weekly summaries and assignments.

React : We are here to support you and answer all of your questions about your courses.

Learn with us.

Your language goals will be our goals, and your interests, our focus. We look forward to meeting you.